Our Energy Transition Hub Programme - Live at COP26

01 November – 12 November

The Energy Transition Hub is the only hub taking place at COP26 that is demonstrating the full scale of the energy transition that the UK energy industry has undertaken and is jointly organised in partnership between Energy UK and Renewable UK.

This programme sets out the events planned by energy companies, organisations and other trade associations. All events will be filmed and made available either to watch live or to catch up on, at a later date.

Below is a programme guide for each event including the time for each event and when you can watch it live on 

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Wednesday 10 November – Consumers Day


09:30 – 10:50 Decarbonising heat; the solutions and ultimate the benefits

Both the UK and Scottish Government’s have recently published their strategies for decarbonising customers’ heating systems. Possibly one of the biggest challenges to the meeting the respective 2050 and 2045 net zero targets. This event run by Energy UK will focus on how the energy industry is looking to find the solutions and deliver low carbon heating systems for customers. The event will be open with a speech from Energy UK’s Deputy Director of Policy, Charles Wood, and follow with a panel discussion of industry experts.

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12:30 – 13:30 The role of smart metering in supporting customers to reduce their carbon impact

This panel, chaired by Energy UK’s Head of Smart Metering, Daisy Cross, will explore the important and vital role that smart metering is playing, and will increasingly play in helping customers with reducing their carbon emissions. It will focus on the role of technology being developed out of the smart metering programme, and how that technology will help customer with new innovative services in their homes.

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Thursday 11 November – System Flexibility and Batteries


09:30 – 11:30 Flex Education

The UK is poised to be a leader in the world of power flexibility.  This event, hosted by the Association for Decentralised Energy along with Flexitricity, Amp X, Open Energi, Sembcorp and StatKraft, will discuss what is required to unleash the potential of low carbon-technologies and assets such as battery storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps, demand-side response, hydrogen electrolysers and smart buildings.  Flex covers grid scale to household scale, generating revenue from distributed energy assets by delivering in a multitude of fragmented markets and saving users money.  But what stands in the way of flex delivering its full potential?


  • Alastair Martin - Flexitricity Limited

  • Dr. Irene Di Martino - Amp X

  • Wendel Hortop - Open Energi

  • Michael Jenner– Sembcorp

  • Duncan Dale – StatKraft

  • Ian Calvert – ADE

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12:30 – 14:30 Spotlight on innovation in grid - Keith Greener Grid Park

A panel of experts will join Statkraft at the 'COP26 Energy Transition Hub' to discuss the significance of world-leading innovations at Keith Greener Grid Park in Moray, Scotland.

A world-first project using GE rotating stabiliser technology, will enable more renewable energy to be distributed on the grid. Part of National Grid’s ambition to be able to run a carbon free grid by 2025.

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Friday 12 November – Final Day

09:30 – 11:30am Demonstrating the potential of hydrogen

There is a lot of excitement about of the role of hydrogen in the future of the UK’s energy system.

At this live discussion in the COP26 Energy Transmission Hub, Orsted will be joined by other industry leaders to explore the potential of this growing technology, and how it can be used to further the decarbonisation of the UK economy and help meeting the 2050 net zero ambitions.

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12:30 – 14:00 Zero Carbon Humber: Lunchtime session on Industrial Decarbonisation

The Humber is the UK’s largest carbon emitting industrial cluster, home to major manufacturers, refineries, power stations and ports. It emits around the same amount of CO2 as all other industrial clusters in England and Scotland combined. If the Government is serious about achieving net zero, it needs to start in the Humber.


Zero Carbon Humber (ZCH) is a Consortium of twelve major organisations committed to making the Humber the world’s first net-zero industrial cluster, through the use of carbon capture, hydrogen and bioenergy with carbon capture producing negative emissions. A dual CO2 and hydrogen pipeline provides common infrastructure linking key emitters, users, and storage options.

ZCH is part of the East Coast Cluster, a collaboration with Net Zero Teesside and the offshore Northern Endurance Partnership, which was recently selected as one of the first movers in the Government Cluster Sequencing Process. It aims to decarbonise both the Humber and Teesside industrial clusters, sharing storage for the captured CO2 in aquifers under the North Sea. Together, this has the potential to remove almost 50% of the UK’s industrial cluster carbon emissions.

This event will showcase the Zero Carbon Humber proposals, and particularly focus on the opportunities for the use of hydrogen in decarbonising industrial processes. It will also focus on the economic and supply chain opportunities, and how the project aligns with the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.


  • Dan Sadler, Vice President, UK Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

  • Oonagh O’Grady, Head of Hydrogen Development, SSE Thermal

  • Ben Morgan, Research Director, University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

  • Chris Newitt, CCUS Senior Project Manager, National Grid Ventures

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15:00 – 16:00 In Conversation with the Young Energy Professional Network

As COP26 comes to a close representatives of the Young Energy Professionals will discuss their new report addressing the COP26 the themes and provide a review of the last 2 week’s conference. They will be in conversation with Rachel Anderson, Head of Communications and Policy at RES, who will provide an insight in the company’s work to develop onshore wind, and the important role young professionals play in driving change in the industry.  

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