A New Wind Energy Coalition for COP26 

Wind energy has a huge role to play in the success of meeting net-zero targets. RUK is proud to partner with GWEC and lead the Global Wind Energy Coalition to raise ambition and remove barriers to the massive scaling up of investments in wind power. We are working with policymakers, key stakeholders, and communities to help them achieve their targets.


The power of wind turbine technology is already proven and understood. The UK is the world’s largest offshore wind market and has the potential to double capacity and output by 2030. We also have significant onshore wind developments – a low-cost energy solution that can be adopted worldwide. 


Ambitious commitments to wind energy increase investor confidence and support a vibrant supply chain. The number of people working in direct and indirect jobs in offshore wind alone in the UK is set to rise significantly, from 26,000 currently to over 69,800 by 2026.


The UK is also a world leader in alternative new technologies, such as green hydrogen and tidal marine technologies. As we end our reliance on fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy, we can boost investor confidence, create more jobs and encourage other nations to increase their ambitions.

“We are committed to putting wind energy at the heart of the global drive to tackle climate change. The UK is the right place to host this key event as the first country to commit to reaching net zero emissions by 2050. We are the world leader in offshore wind and innovative technologies such as floating wind and renewable hydrogen. Many other countries will be coming here in November to see at first hand what the Prime Minister’s Green Industrial Revolution means in practice – creating jobs and attracting investment in landmark renewable energy projects which enable us to take meaningful action against the greatest threat to our way of life”

Rebecca Williams, Head of Policy at Renewable UK and COP26 Director