Our Energy Transition Hub - Live at COP26

RenewableUK are partnering with Energy UK to hold an ‘Energy Transition Hub’ in Glasgow to coincide with COP26, kindly hosted by Renewable Energy Systems.

It will be a space at which RenewableUK and Energy UK members can highlight initiatives they’ve led in the run-up to COP26, and their role in the UK's transition to Net Zero.


The Hub will be in place from 31 October to 12 November 2021, filmed and streamed live from the Glasgow Offices of RES, situated on the top floor of the Scottish TV building across the river from the COP26 conference hall. The Energy Transition Hub will have the backdrop of the conference centre itself –  so we will be broadcasting ‘live from COP26’. The programme will be advertised extensively by RenewableUK and EnergyUK in advance of the event and all videos will be subsequently hosted on our YouTube Channels.

The Hub will be part of a programme of engaging panel events and group discussions covering the UK’s successful energy transition, and how lessons learned in the UK could support efforts across the world.

You can find our full programme here